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We have made every effort to make traveling in as easy and convenient as possible.


Book your hotel here.

The Doubletree will be the primary hotel for the event.  It is a one-block walk from the convention center.  

The other hotels are also nearby and would be great options for the weekend stay.

Traveling into the Saint Louis area

If you are arriving by commercial plane, we recommend flying into Lambert International Airport (STL).  It is approximately 20 minutes from our Convention center and hotel area.

Commercial Flights

Lambert International Airport (STL) is the main airport; and approximately 20 minute drive from our hotels and convention center.

Private Flights

There are a number of regional airports for travel to the area.  We can arrange pickup and transport to the Convention Center area with prior notice.  Call 636-751-9440 to schedule a pick up and drop off.  


The Convention Center is on I-70 just east of the Illinois-Missouri border.  There will be private parking at the Convention Center and the hotels with shuttle to-and-from the convention center.

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